Pizzeria Delivers a Thank You to Huntington Hospital

Some Huntington Hospital workers battling the Covid-19 epidemic were the recipients of a free meal Wednesday when La Nonna’s Pizzeria dropped by.

The Huntington Station pizzeria donated about 50 boxes of pie, each containing pizza sliced into two humongous pieces to reduce limit the number of people touching each pie.

Dr. Anthony Intintoli, chief of hospital medicine, said the pizzeria staff wanted to thank hospital workers for their efforts. “Every time I go there, they’re always asking about our staff. Every time, how’s the hospital, how’s the staff,” he said. Several of the pizzeria workers have had Covid-19.

Since the epidemic began last year, hundreds of people have donated to a Huntington Hospital meals program run by community volunteer Theresa Sullivan, which provided food to beleagured hospital workers and kept some hard-pressed restaurants in operation last spring. That organization has since restarted its donations, as well.

Huntington Hospital Meals Program Restarts






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