Poll: What Do You Think of Red Light Cameras?

The Suffolk County Legislature voted Wednesday to continue the controversial red light camera laws for five years.

The cameras, billed as a way to improve safety, have produced mixed results. At some intersections, rear-end collisions have increased while law-enforcement statistics show a decline in other kinds of accidents, such as side-impact crashes. 

Fines and hefty administrative fees for violations have produced more than $20 million in revenue a year for the county.

The extension was passed on a 11-7 straight party line vote, with Democrats approving the measure and Republicans unanimously voting against it.

There are 15 red light cameras in the Town of Huntington, according to a recent report. Several East End communities, which have their own police departments, have none, while  Brookhaven, the largest town on Long Island, has the most with 38.


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