Poll Workers Needed for Early Voting, Election Day

New York State is seeking to hire more people as poll workers for early voting

The state said that, historically, about 55 percent of New York’s poll workers are over the age of 60, making them especially vulnerable to the Covid-19 epidemic.  That has led to an increase in the need for more workers who are willing and able to assist with the administration of in-person voting during the Nov. 3 general election, including on early voting days.

Some of the tasks are:

  • Prepare the polling place for voting
  • Set up the voting equipment
  • Sign-in and process voters
  • Enforce social distancing
  • Demonstrate voting procedures to the voters
  • Sanitize voting equipment
  • Close the polling place
  • Canvass and report the results
  • Assist voter if requested

Poll workers, who must be registered to vote in New York State, are paid for training and each day they work. Information about pay rates in Suffolk County was not immediately available but election inspectors in New York City are paid $200 a day and in Onondaga County, $190 a day. 

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