Primary Dates, Early Voting Schedule

New York State’s primary elections will be on two dates this year, with the court battle over redistricting pushing back the vote for congressional and state Senate seats.

The key dates are:

June 28 Primary
Aug. 23 Primary (congressional and state senate)
Nov. 8 General election

On the primary ballot June 28: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Comptroller, State Assembly, and U.S. Senate.

June 28 Primary Early Voting

June 28 Primary Early Voting


The Suffolk Board of Elections reminds residents that as of this year, “an eligible voter may not cast a ballot on a machine at a poll site after the Board sends an absentee ballot to such voter following a timely request. Regardless of whether the absentee ballot was actually delivered by the postal service or was sent back to the Board, the voter will not be able to vote on a machine at a poll site. The voter may still complete an Affidavit Ballot at the poll site.”


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