Proposed State Senate Redistricting Would Put Squeeze on Gaughran

A proposed redistricting map announced Monday would mean that Democratic State Sen. Jim Gaughran would no longer live in his own district but instead in an expanded 2nd District represented by Republican Mario Mattera.

Huntington and Northport would move out of the 5th, according to the draft map proposed by Jon Cervas, after a previous map was struck down.

Draft maps of congressional and State Senate will come up for final review in court on Friday.

The redistricting struggle, which has put party primary voting into confusion, is the result of an effort by progressive Democrats to take more seats from Republicans after the completion of the US Census. They have been pushed back by a series of court rulings that found they had improperly gerrymandered districts.

State Senate map that was struck down

Dave’s redistricting map LLC


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