PSEG Adds Repair, Protection Plans for Homes

PSEG has added a service that allows homeowners to purchase repair and protection plans for their residences.

Notification  about the service triggered discussion on the Greenlawn neighborhood on the NextDoor app, with several people suspecting that the notices were a scam.

Not so, PSEG said Thursday.  It began notifying residents of the service, which becomes available this month.

HomeServe USA will offer PSEG WorryFree plans and home repair services to residents and administer the plans and services.

The key points of the service:

  • HomeServe USA is an independent service provider that helps homeowners protect against the expense and inconvenience of water, sewer, electrical, heating, and cooling home repair emergencies.
  • PSEG Long Island electric customers have no obligation to purchase PSEG WorryFree services from HomeServe USA, and their decision whether to purchase has no effect on their electric service from PSEG Long Island or its cost.
  • HomeServe USA will offer PSEG WorryFree plans and home repair services to Long Island residents and HomeServe USA will administer the plans and services.
  • Detailed information about PSEG WorryFree services from HomeServe can be found by Interested residents or businesses should call HomeServe’s call center at 833.785.4492 (NOT PSEG Long Island’s Call Center).

“We’re delighted to offer Long Island residents the convenience and protection that WorryFree services can provide,” said Joseph A. Forline, CEO of PSEG WorryFree Long Island. “Today, the WorryFree brand brings peace of mind to thousands of customers outside Long Island who protect their covered appliances from unexpected repair bills. Now Long Island residents can purchase similar services from HomeServe USA under the same WorryFree brand and experience that same peace of mind.”

In the coming months, Long Islanders will see advertisements from PSEG WorryFree by HomeServe offering these protection and repair/replacement services. They will also see HomeServe vehicles with the PSEG WorryFree logo in their neighborhood.

“We are pleased to power the PSEG WorryFree brand for households on Long Island,” said John Kitzie, HomeServe USA CEO. “On top of taking the hassle and financial burden out of an inconvenient home repair emergency, a PSEG WorryFree service plan gives homeowners comfort knowing that they will be protected if and when a covered home repair emergency strikes.”

Detailed information about PSEG WorryFree services from HomeServe can be found by visiting

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