Public Hearing Set Nov. 8 on Property Use Ads

The Huntington Town Board scheduled a public hearing for Nov. 8 at 2 p.m. to consider amending the Town Code to prohibit properties from being advertised for uses inconsistent with the zoning district in which the property is located.

“This revision to the Town Code will strengthen the Town’s ability to curb illegal activity, improve public safety and protect the quality of life our entire community should be able to enjoy,’ said Supervisor Chad Lupinacci.

Lupinacci coordinated with the town attorney and the public safety director, in response to residents’ inquiries, to address the issue of large, unruly house parties charging fees for admission, advertised and held at residential properties in Dix Hills.

Chapter 198 (Zoning), Article II (Zoning Districts; Map; General Regulations).

Man Shot at Dix Hills Party; 3 Arrested


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