Public Hearings Scheduled May 9

The Huntington Town Board has scheduled the following public hearings for its May 9 meeting at 2 p.m.

The board will consider:

Converting a flashing traffic signal at East Rogues Path at Whitson Road into a full-traffic actuated, meaning a signal that responds to traffic movement.

Issuing a certificate of approval in a historic district, involving an application submitted to the Town Board by Lee Land, Inc., to erect a detached wood-framed accessory structure at the premises located at 90 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor.

Adding no stopping signs on East 23rd Street for155 feet east to New York Avenue on the north side, and 255 feet to New York Avenue on the south side.

Consider authorizing action on a property designated as blighted at 60 East 20th St., Huntington Station.

Acting as the Board of Trustees, the board will also consider:

  • A license agreement, variance and issuance of a permit for the construction of a residential fixed pier/floating dock assembly at 214 Prospect Road
  • A license agreement and special use permit for a residential floating dock assembly at 89  Askaroken Ave., Northport
  • A variance and issuance of a special use permit and execution of an agreement for a residential fixd pier/floating dock assembly at 73 East Shore Road, Halesite.

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