Questions Continue to Swirl Around Santos

Questions about US Rep-elect George Santos, including his connections to Huntington, continued Monday even  as he is scheduled to be sworn into office on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, The New York Times, which broke the story about Santos’ false claims about work, identity, college and more, reported Monday night that law enforcement offiicials in Brazil want to  talk with him regarding a 2008 criminal case.

WABC-TV reported that two men were seen moving furniture out of what they said was Santos’ home in Huntington, saying that neighbors had reported that Santos lived there.

Their video report showed a vehicle with Texas plates that appears to be a former ambulance parked at the home as the men were working.

The Times wrote, “Brazilian law enforcement authorities intend to revive fraud charges against Mr. Santos, and will seek his formal response, prosecutors told The New York Times on Monday.

“The matter, which stemmed from an incident in 2008 regarding a stolen checkbook, had been suspended for the better part of a decade because the police were unable to locate him.

A spokeswoman for the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office said that with Mr. Santos’s whereabouts identified, a formal request will be made to the U.S. Justice Department to notify him of the charges, a necessary step after which the case will proceed with or without him.”

Santos first ran for Congress in 2020, losing to Rep. Tom Suozzi when Huntington was still in the Third District. But he defeated Democrat Robert Zimmerman in November in the Third District, with Huntington having moved into the First District now represented by newly elected Republican Nick Lalota.



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