Qwikride Debuts as Free Village Shuttle Service

Having trouble finding a parking spot in Huntington Village? If so, then Qwikride is there to provide  transportation  for customers and employees alike.

It’s an incredibly simple service to use: Just download the app, let them know where you are and your destination,  and wait until the shuttle arrives to enjoy a ride around the village.

The Town of Huntington is the latest community to implement Qwikrides. Huntington Village is notorious for its difficulty in seeking out a parking space, and Town Officials are hoping the new shuttle service will alleviate that issue.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Town Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci spoke about the benefits of implementing the service in the village.

“The primary aim,”  Lupinacci said, “is to have village employees park away from the heart of our downtown to free up parking for our customers and restaurant patrons. The six-month goal will be to remove 100 employee cars out of the village, and potentially grow that number to 200 in the course of a year.”

Qwikride shuttles will make stops at municipal parking lots outside or on the edges of the village where workers are encouraged to park. These spots include Town Hall, a municipal lot near Prime restaurant in Halesite, and another lot in the west end of the village next to Rite-Aid.

Many restaurants are already supporting this initiative and plan to use this new service for their employees, while other restaurants in the village are encouraged to contact Huntington Chamber of Commerce to join the program.

What’s most notable about the  service is that transportation on Qwikride carts are free. Qwikride teams up with local and major businesses to put out ads on their vehicles to help cover the cost of the service, a kind of moving billboard. This provides customers with an enjoyable ride through a community without worrying about a fee, although you should probably tip the driver.

Right now there are five Qwikride shuttles cruising around Huntington Village to help patrons reach their destination. These shuttle carts can fit six people – including the driver – and will be air-conditioned and heated. The carts will also be equipped with televisions and sound systems to ensure a pleasant transportation experience.

The shuttles will run daily from 3 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and 3:30 pm to 4 am Thursday through Saturday.

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