Real Estate: When Selling, Make Sure You Have Documents

When a homeowner hires an agent, entrusting them with the marketing and sale of their home, they are counting on the agent to see them through the entire process of selling their home.

At the time of listing the home, the agent explains to the homeowner the importance of providing the listing agent with as much documentation as possible, and to convey the importance of not going on the “assumption” that proper documentation exists.

Do you have a survey? Have you made any changes to the footprint of your home? If so, did you obtain a certificate of occupancy?  Did you close out the work with final inspections, or are there any open permits? Is there the possibility that a fence, pool equipment, garage, or shed may have an “out of possession” encroachment on your neighbor’s property?  

The extensive process required to bring a home to closing is patiently explained, while assuring the homeowner that everything can be accomplished and that often small changes may not be a concern.  It is the responsibility of the agent to explain the value of upfront preparation.

We all know that proper documentation will lead to a smoother closing while conversely, the lack of proper documentation could mean extensive delays in closing or even the loss of a qualified buyer.   

It was Ben Franklin who said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  

The better we prepare our clients and obtain as much documentation as possible, the better the outcome will be.  

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