Real Estate: Why Aren’t You Using a Buyer’s Agent?

You have decided to buy a home and are looking for the best approach. The home buying process can
become extremely complicated, especially in a very competitive market. This will likely be one of the
most expensive purchases you ever make, and the home you decide to purchase will affect your quality of
life (and that of your family) for the foreseeable future. That’s why it’s very important to ensure you
make an educated and well-informed decision.

Fortunately, a real estate buyer’s agent can help ease the process and at no cost you.

A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who is hired to represent the buyer and their interests in real
estate transactions; that means they represent you, as opposed to a seller’s agent who has the seller’s best
interests at heart. Your buyer’s agent can provide you thorough market data and comparable sale details on
the area you are interested in. An essential role of a buyer’s agent is to advise you on what to offer based
on a detailed analysis of comparable sales of other similar properties. Most knowledgeable real estate
agents understand pricing well and how various amenities in a home will impact the ultimate real value.
When it comes down to it, this will be one of the most critical tasks a buyer’s agent will provide.

As a potential home buyer, signing a contract with a dedicated and knowledgeable buyer’s agent is the
best way to ensure that your interests are protected.

A seller’s agent, often referred to as the “listing agent,” is the one who is representing the property for the
seller. They are working for the seller, which means they have the sellers not the buyers, best interests at
heart. Their job is to sell that home for the best possible price. A sellers agent can give you ZERO advice;
they’re trying to get the house sold, which means that their interests are at cross purposes from yours –
namely in terms of price. They want to get the most possible money for the seller, while a buyer is trying
to negotiate the best price.

It is not unusual to get emotional over a home purchase; business deals are best done with a calm and
level-headed approach. The most successful negotiators are able to remove that emotion. Letting your
buyers agent do this for you will keep you focused on the outcome that make sense. That’s why it’s wise
to pursue an agent who will be your best advocate during the home buying process – A Buyers Agent!

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