Real Estate: Why You Should Sell Your House This Year

It’s no secret that these past few months, even during a pandemic, the housing market is still thriving.
Real estate agents adapted quickly to the changing times and were still able to sell homes through
virtual showings, sometimes with buyers not stepping foot into the home until move in day! With
restrictions on showings lessening (and now that we’re back to in person showings!) even more buyers
have been showing up to the table. So what does this mean for someone who is thinking about selling
their home?

More Buyers Means More Selling Opportunities

Most industries work off the idea of supply and demand, and real estate is no different. With a heavy
buyer market right now, sellers have more opportunity to have their house shown. More buyers mean
more eyes and more purchasing opportunity! Have you heard a success story from your neighbor about
how their house sold for $25K over asking price because so many buyers were bidding on the house?
This is something that is happening often in our current market and is something sellers can take
advantage of.Low

Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in a while and according to the Federal Reserve, we can
expect to have the rates remain low for some time. These low mortgage rates are just another
motivation for buyers to get into their new home right now, not to mention it will help sellers who will
need to buy a home after they sell.

City Buyers
Caused by the pandemic, more families are re-analyzing the way they live and more importantly where
they live. Manhattan is known for being busy and crowded, two words that make most people cringe
right now! More and more people have been relocating to the Long Island suburbs the past few months,
and recent statistics have shown that 21% of buyers purchasing on the North Shore are coming from
New York City. Just another thing to take advantage of as a seller in today’s market!
If you’re thinking of selling your home but are wondering if it’s a good time for you, take all of this into
consideration and call a local real estate agent for a consultation to answer any questions!
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