Recycling Update: the Numbers

The Town of Huntington said that the first week’s collection of  bottles, cans and plastic for for the new year yielded 104 tons.

That figure is about 54% of what the town has historically collected on a typical week when under the previous dual stream program of a few years ago.

The town quoted Omni Westbury as saying that the quality of the recyclables was better than they expected, and only 10 tons, (two loads) were in the single format, approximately 9.6 percent.

The town reverted to split pickup of recyclable items, or dual-stream, last week because the global market for the markets had collapsed.

HuntingtonNow is running a calendar reminder for January and February, noting which items—paper or plastics/cans–are scheduled for pickup.


New Recycling Schedule But Old Habits Die Hard



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