Reicherts Donate to Caregiver Program

The Reichert family has made a naming gift to extend Huntington
Hospital services for local caregivers including the creation of the Reichert Family Caregiver

Medical needs can extend well after a patient is discharged from the hospital, which can
prove a challenge for family and/or caregivers to stay on top of medications and other necessary
resources. To assist families as they care for their loved one, Huntington Hospital launched a
program that provides assistance for local caregivers.

A caregiver program connects those caring for the chronically ill to programs and
resources that can relieve their burden.

As a result of this donation from the Reichert family, Huntington Hospital will have a
designated social worker as well as a dedicated space – the Reichert Family Caregiver Center —
within the hospital to help with ongoing care post-discharge.

“We can now provide even more assistance for our families thanks to this generous
donation from the Reichert family,” said Nick Fitterman, MD, executive director of Huntington
Hospital. “It can be dizzying trying to care for a loved one while managing your own life. This
generous gift will enable us to help everyone impacted by chronic illness in the Huntington

Charles and Helen Reichert have been longtime philanthropists of Huntington Hospital
and Northwell Health. They were the hospital’s gala honorees in 2017. The Reicherts also
generously donated to name the Northwell Health Reichert Family Imaging at Huntington in
Greenlawn, the reception area of the Huntington Hospital Emergency Department, and supported
Huntington Hospital’s Mother and Baby Center. The Reichert family’s donations also funded the
purchase of Huntington Hospital’s first 3D mammography machine.

For more information on Huntington Hospital’s caregivers program, call Cheryl Miranda,
RN, at 631-351-7909.

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