Reprogrammed Board With Crude Message Removed in Cold Spring Harbor

An electonic message board near a state road repair project in Cold Spring Harbor that bore an offensive political  message has been shut down.

The message board read: “Let’s Go Brandon” and “FBJ” used by some supporters of the former President Donald Trump to mock and refer to President Joe Biden.

The sign was moved from its location near 105 Harbor Road to a parking lot and shut off by Saturday morning.

Huntington Councilwoman Joan Cergol said she was told the sign was owned privately and leased to a contractor working for the state Department of Transportation.

How the sign was programmed to add the political message was not known Saturday morning.

“While the message is clearly offensive, my greater concern is that this kind of thing is happening now even to equipment intended to promote public safety. In the hands of a twisted hacker, these devices can theoretically be misused to create dangerous conditions with misinformation,” Cergol said.

A state Department of Transportation spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

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