Republicans Target Suozzi Seat in Midterm Elections

Republicans are targeting U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi, D-Huntington, hoping to pick up the seat if redistricting alters the demographics of the 3rd Congressional District.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is looking at 47 districts, hoping to flip the House by taking several seats held by Democrats. They see a “clear path back to the majority” in the midterms, which traditionally boosts the chances of the party not controlling the White House.

The NRCC list  has 29 districts that either did not back President Joe Biden or supported their House incumbent by 5 points or less. The list also includes eight Democrats who won by less than 10 points and underperformed Biden, and 10 members the NRCC believes could face redistricting trouble next year. 

Redistricting list

District Incumbent
AZ-02 Kirkpatrick
CA-03 Garamendi
CT-05 Hayes
FL-07 Murphy
MN-03 Phillips
NC-02 Ross
NJ-11 Sherrill
NY-03 Suozzi
NY-18 Maloney
NY-19 Delgado

“We are just a few weeks into the Biden Administration and Americans are already seeing the job-killing initiatives House Democrats support,” NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer said in a statement. 


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