Residents Complain About Hazards From Large House Party

Residents are complaining on social media about what they described as a large house party Friday night on West Hills Road that sent hundreds of teenagers onto the streets.

The Suffolk County Police public information office said it had no information about the incident, though numerous residents described seeing police officers on the scene to disperse the teens.

On Facebook, residents described the situation as dangerous and a hazard to passersby as well as those on the street.

One wrote, “I was stuck on road for 30 minutes. Extremely dangerous. They were just running in front of cars and not worrying about getting hit or anything so he isn’t being nosey or dramatic. It was dangerous!”

Another said, “Kids and cops everywhere. my niece said she heard about it at school that the kids parents were out and it was an open house. There were a few school districts invited.”

And another wrote, “Cops shut it down. My daughter was driving her friend home and a drunk kid fell on the car before face planting on the road. 8 cops and several ambulances there now. She was stuck there for over 20 minutes because she couldn’t get around the kid!”

The teens were described as wearing clothing representing several different schools. No further information was immediately available.



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