Residents Using Drive-Up Window to Make Tax Payments

Residents continue to line up to pay their property tax bills at a drive-up window in downtown Huntington.

On Wednesday, about a dozen cars were in line to make payments at the window, part of the former Chase Bank branch at Gerard Street and New York Avenue that was slated to be demolished until the coronavirus epidemic stopped everything.

Residents drive up to the window from the adjacent municipal parking lot in a line organized by Public Safety officers.

Tax Receiver Jillian Guthman greeted some residents as they waited to reach the window.

The drive-up can be used: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, ending June 1 for general collection; ending June 5 for seniors who have the Senior Low Income Exemption and/or Enhanced STAR as a direct offset on their tax statement (seniors who receive Enhanced Star as a check do not have the additional time).

Town Opens Parking Lot on Former Bank Site



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