Response to Government Shutdown: Gift Cards for Coasties, Supplies for Workers

Local organizations and leaders are responding to the financial problems federal employees are experiencing because of the federal government shutdown.

The Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs has established a gift card donation drive for US Coast Guard personnel who are working without pay during the government shutdown. Anyone may contribute.

And State Sen. Jim Gaughran and Assemblyman Charles Lavine launched a Food and Supplies Drive to benefit federal employees affected by the current government shutdown. Each official will be collecting food, personal care products, household supplies, pet food, and other items at their district offices and satellite locations across the district.

“US Coast Guard personnel are working without pay during the government shutdown.  Year-round the brave and dedicated men and women of the US Coast Guard stand ready to respond to any emergency. They continue to report to work even though they are not getting paid. They still have bills to pay and many have families to feed,” said Jackie Martin, Executive Officer of the Greater Huntington

Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs.Gift cards will be distributed to Coast Guard personnel in New Haven and at Coast Guard Station Eatons Neck by the respective commanders, based on need.

Make checks payable to “Chief Petty Officer Association,” Memo: Shut down fund NY/CT, and mail them to: Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs, PO BOX 2124, Halesite, NY 11743. All donations will be used to provide prepaid gift cards for groceries and gasoline to Coast Guard personnel.

Gaughran said “Our federal workers don’t have the luxury of sacrificing their paychecks for an undetermined amount of time. Federal workers on Long Island are now expected to choose between feeding their families or paying their mortgage. I am proud to spearhead this critical initiative with Assemblyman Lavine and Long Island Cares to provide essential services to the thousands of workers across Long Island during this challenging time.”

Lavine said “I am happy to coordinate this drive with support from my Senate colleague, Jim Gaughran. Every American should step up to help their friends and neighbors during this time of need.”

Paule Pachter, Chief Executive Officer of Long Island Cares, said, “For people living from paycheck-to paycheck affording basic necessities can prove challenging but, when you’re working without being compensated, or you’ve been furloughed as a result of a government shutdown the challenges to put food on your table or take care of your personal needs including your family pet can turn into a crisis.”

John R. Durso, President of the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW, said “It is a disgrace that our government has turned its back on the hard working men and women who keep our country running. For three weeks now, these workers have performed their duties only to return home to their families and worry about how they’re going to make ends meet. I am proud to partner with State Senator Gaughranand Assembly Member Lavine in this act of solidarity with the dedicated federal workforce here on Long Island.”

James Brazel, National Airspace Operations Manager, NY TRACON, said “At this time of year, going without a paycheck is tough. I’m grateful to the Senator, Assemblyman, Long Island Cares and the LI Federation of Labor for the work they’re doing to help the thousands of workers like me who are now in their third week working without a paycheck.”

The Food and Supplies Drive was launched at Sagamore Hill Historic Site, which has been shuttered as a result of the federal government shutdown. Sagamore Hill is a former home of President Theodore Roosevelt. Donation boxes will be located at the office of SenatorGaughran and Assemblyman Lavine, as well as partnering supermarkets across the district. For information about how to participate or additional locations, contact Gaughran or  Lavine’s office.

Senator Gaughran:                                               Assemblyman Lavine:
99-111 South St. Suite 250                                  1 School Street Suite 303-B
Oyster Bay,  NY 11771                                        Glen Cove, NY 11542
516-922-1811                                                      516-676-0050




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