Right Hand Meet Left Hand: Emails Are at Odds

Was President Joe Biden trying to be bipartisan in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night?

According to U.S. Rep. Nick LaLota’s congressional office, he was. But according to a second email raising money for him and written in LaLota’s name, Biden most definitely was not. The dueling emails arrived Wednesday within about 30 seconds of each other.

Emails sent out by his congressional office, read,

“On one hand, I appreciated the President’s words on bipartisanship, his desire to help working families, bringing manufacturing home, building in America, addressing mental health issues, assisting Veterans, and protecting entitlements which so many have worked hard for and paid into. On the other hand, I was disappointed he chose to lie about Republicans’ position on Social Security and Medicare and did not discuss serious proposals to take on China, balance the budget, secure our border, cut spending, restore the SALT deduction, support law enforcement, unleash American energy, and ensure that our military remains the greatest fighting force in the world. I hope the President follows through on his words with meaningful and bipartisan action. Words without action mean nothing to the American people.”

But the campaign email sent under his name took the opposite view:

“Man… That was tough to sit through…

“Yesterday was President Biden’s State of the Union Address, and I’m at a loss for words.

“This is a man who campaigned on a platform of bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle, and last night, all of that completely went out the window. I was holding out hope that the President would understand that Americans put Republicans in charge of the House for a reason, but I don’t think he gets the message yet.”

The email goes on to cite the work Republicans are doing before asking email recipients for a donation to “keep our campaign funded.”

His congressional office said it could not comment on the content on the fundraising email, noting Federal Election Commission regulations. No one at the email address purporting to be a communication from LaLota responded to queries.

The first-year Republican represents the First District, which includes Huntington.

LaLota Named Vice Chair of Transportation Subcommittee

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