Road Tax Plan Runs Into Opposition

A proposal that would raise taxes to improve Huntington’s streets has hit a speed bump.

Town Supervisor Ed Smyth floated the possibility of a fund set aside for road repairs, using money raised by taxing households about $138 per year.

He has invited residents to offer their opinions at

On Monday, Republican Town Councilmen Sal Ferro and Dr. Dave Bennardo made their objections clear with a statement headlined “No to Paving Tax.”

“We have been approached by several constituents relative to the notion of adding a paving tax to increase the frequency of road treatment and repair. Please know that there is absolutely no formal proposal or resolution before us. Please further know that we recognize the pressures of this inflationary economy and are keenly aware and understanding of our constituent’s concerns regarding this notion.”

Jen Hebert and Don McKay, the two Democratic candidates running for Town Board in the fall who attended a special Town Board meeting, had their own objections.

“We are unequivocally opposed to this,” McKay said. “It’s the worst possible time to do this. They need to do more with less. If you need to do this, consider bonding or dip into the fund balance.”

Smyth had said that having more funds would allow the town to increase the miles of roads the town highway department could pave each year. “Right now it’s just an idea that we are gauging support on,” he told Newsday.

Jen Hebert and Don McKay


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