Robins Living Rent Free on Family’s Front Door

An East Northport family has welcomed some surprise guests that have moved onto their front door.

Andrew Jones said he and his wife, Jennifer, were surprised when a pair of  American robins settled into a spring wreath hanging on their front door a few days ago, and the female began laying eggs.

Two eggs have arrived so far, but Jones said he expects more in the coming days. 

“It’s pretty cute to watch, and from Googling is quite rare,” he said.  “We’re unable to use the front door for now,” he said. But he doesn’t mind. His 20-month-old son is caught up in the action, checking regularly to see if more babies have arrived.

The Jones first realized that something was happening when they began finding loose twigs at their doorstep. He initially thougth someone was trying to steal the wreath and had knocked some material loose.

The robin family may stay a little while: According to the BirdsandBlooms website, robins usually lay an egg a day, and up to three or four per clutch. After all the eggs have arrived, the mother robin will incubate them for about two weeks.

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