Robke’s Restaurant Takes Heat Over Michael Vick Photo

Several Huntington area residents are denouncing Robke’s restaurant in Northport for posting a photo of staff with Michael Vick, the former NFL quarterback who went to prison for his participation in a dogfighting ring.

“Robkes, You should be ashamed,” a woman wrote. “Animal abuse is nothing to celebrate. And as far as the abuser, I hope he gets hit by a car.”

But Louis Selvaggio Jr. of Robke’s pushed back Monday night. “Was crazy busy at work all day and night (despite all these boycotters).Anybody that knows me and my family knows how compassionate we are about animals. An unbelievable athlete that I grew up watching came into our little family-owned restaurant and I’ll never deny being excited about that. If people have a problem with that, that’s totally fine as long as they don’t put words in our mouths and tell us what we support and we don’t support.”

And another wrote, “Michael Vick really?? You stand with a animal abuser so proudly??? Disgusting!! I will never eat in your restaurant again and I will be sure to tell everyone my reasons. Shame on you!!

A third wrote, “I wouldn’t post about that scum bag coming to your restaurant. He’s a disgusting animal abuser!”

Not everyone who commented was critical of the restaurant. One man wrote, “Everyone who is bashing Robke’s should be ashamed. I never seen a more disrespectful bunch. My guys at Robke’s had nothing to do with dog fighting. They own a business that serves people. You are not entitled to try and destroy his business. VERY SHAMEFUL TO SEE ADULTS ACT LIKE CHILDREN.”

Vick played for Atlanta, Philadelphia, the Jets and  Pittsburgh. He was a four-time Pro Bowler who retired from the NFL in 2017.

Robke’s frequently posts pictures of celebrities who visit;  photos posted on Facebook recently include Yankees star Lou Piniella and Erik Coleman of the New York Jets.





7 Replies to “Robke’s Restaurant Takes Heat Over Michael Vick Photo”

  1. I think it was a mistake to celebrate Michael Vick and had it been thought out, for business purposes, Robke’s could have served him and sent him on is way without a recognition of any sort. Great place to eat, good people working hard, doesn’t deserve all the negativity for this one thing.

  2. It’s one thing to serve him , but another to post a photo op with a known dog fighter /killer. They refuse to apologize for their lapse in judgement and that to me speaks volumes. I guess they see nothing wrong with animal cruelty and dog fighting

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