S. Huntington Expands In-Person Class Option on Monday

South Huntington schools will expand the number of students who can return to full-time classes as of Monday.

The Board of Education voted last week to give 11th,8th and 6th graders the option of in-person classes, while retaining hybrid and remote schedules at the same. Students who choose the hybrid model are expected to attend classes on the days they are scheduled.

Seventh graders and 9th, 10th and pre-schoolers will have the same option later in the month, should Covid-19 infection rates remain low.

The high school senior class got the option to return in March.


Grade 11                                Monday, April 12

Grade 8                                  Monday, April 12

Grade 6                                  Monday, April 12

Grade 7                                  Monday, April 19

Grades 9 & 10 & Pre-K         Monday, April 26


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