S. Huntington Library Cancels Budget Vote

The South Huntington Public Library board voted unanimously at a special meeting to cancel its budget vote that had been scheduled for April 7 and to have the library operate next year on the same budget as during its current fiscal year.

Board President Pat Dillon said, “The Library Board, recognizing the extreme economic distress that this situation will have on our families, friends, neighbors, and community did not feel that it could in good faith go forward with asking local residents to support an increase in taxes right now.”

Library Director Janet Scherer said, “Library staff is working tirelessly to develop and implement new library services while our library doors must remain closed to help protect our community from the coronavirus. We look forward to reopening our doors just as soon as it is safe to do so but in the meantime we are here for local residents in need of the kinds of information and support that they have always turned to the library for.”

The library plans to hold an election for two trustee seats in late June.


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