E. Northport Resident Scammed of $13,000, Newspaper Says

An East Northport resident was among the victims scammed by someone pretending to represent the IRS or other federal government agencies, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Friday.

The unidentified resident was scammed out of more than $13,000, which authorities said was likely based in India, which called people around the United States  and persuades them they could be arrested if they didn’t send money to cover taxes or other obligations. The organization would then send runners based in the U.S. to collect from their victims.

Two men, Mahmadyasin Shekh, 31, and Hardik Patel, 21, of Illinois, were charged in a federal indictment this week with six counts each of mail fraud, the paper said.

A victim in Brooklyn was cheated of $34,500 and a woman in Oregon lost $53,000.



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