School Notes: Goosehill Live TV, Women’s History Month

Community Read-In at Countrywood

In conjunction with Read Across America and the birthday of Dr. Seuss, Countrywood invited  guests to participate in their sixth annual Community Read-in  recently.  Countrywood’s very own Shaina Fischer dressed as The Cat in the Hat to celebrate the birthday of this famous storyteller.  South Huntington staffers including Dr. Bennardo, Dr. Centamore, Mr. Fallon, Ms. Poprilo, Mr. John Murphy, Mr. Toto, Dr. D’Elia, Dr. Bruno, Mr. Bronson, and Mr. Keogh joined Countrywood’s other invited guests including veteran Manny Myrovitch, Lynn Cacioppo, Ms. Ceglian, Mrs. Susan King, Ms. Smalkowski, Ms. Plonski, Ms. Lisa Esposito, Ms. Waage, Ms. Anzalone, Ms. Kenney, and Ms. Davis in this reading event. In addition, Huntington Manor Fire Chief Chuck Brady, Chief Christen, Police Officer Wustenhoff, and Officer Knoblach, along with Board of Education member Sydney Joyner shared their love of reading with the students. Huntington Town Hall was also well represented with Tyre Cobe, a representative from Councilman Cook’s office, Town Council members Mark Cuthbertson and Joan Cergol, and State Sen. Gaughran.

Health and Wellness Moves in With Parent Union

The “We Care Health and Wellness” Fair is now part of Parent University. Several leading health and wellness experts will present new and informative ways to maximize healthy living in the perfect learning environment of South Huntington’s Parent University.

This program will be held on May 2 from 4:30 to 9 PM at Walt Whitman High School. When details and program highlights are finalized they will be available on the district website

Exceptional Women Celebrated at Harborfields 

To recognize strong women, the Harborfield High School library created activities for students to participated in throughout the month get them thinking about some of the most influential women in history.

Along with a giant word search and crossword puzzle for students to attempts whenever they’re in the library, engaging book are also on display and are available for students to borrow to learn more about women in history. Students also vocalized the importance of mother in history, both in the world and in their own personal lives.

“It’s important for not only girls, but for boys, to see all these all these amazingly strong and resilient women being recognized for their achievements during Women’s History Month,” said Mrs. Jill Wieler, the high school librarian and organizer for the month’s activities. For more information visit

Goosehill Live TV News Show 

New to Goosehill Elementary School is Live TV special broadcast reports. With the help of Library Media Specialist, Ms. Marissa Uso, students filmed a newscast informing viewers about Chinese New Year, and about how to be a HERO.

The word is actually an acronym which stands for, “H=Honest, E=Empathic, R=Respectful, O=Openhearted.” The student reporters go “out in the field” to the Goosehill playground and interview their peers. Each classroom then watches on Live TV by guest newscasters in the newsroom. For more information, visit

Elwood Students Heads to American Ninja Warrior Junior Semifinals 

David Futeran, a fifth-grader at James H. Boyd in the Elwood school district, recently competed on one of the most popular family television shows currently on air – American Ninja Warrior Junior. His skills and strength helped him remain undefeated on the show, and he is now on his way to his semifinals.

Each week he puts in more than 10 hours of gymnastic and climbing practice. David believes he’s prepared to take on the semifinals, which will air April 6. “It’s been really awesome to meet and get to know other people with the same specific interest that I have,” said David.

He mentioned that, while one of his favorite things about competing is the weightless feeling of falling through the air, he has thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie with the other members of the show. For more information


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