Schools: DNA Studies, Writing Contest

Throughout the school year, students from Lloyd Harbor and West Side elementary schools in the Cold Spring Harbor Central School District, work directly with educators from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center.

In-school experiments are conducted with sixth grade students by the DNALC educator who visits each school’s science classrooms. The annual highlights of the collaboration are the sixth grade field trips to the DNA Learning Center.
the DNA Learning Center located on Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor.

West Side students  studied the diversity of life found in animals, plants, fungi, protists and Monera. Using special microscope magnification, students were challenged to observe, find and chart various characteristics.

A second group of students studied Otzi the Iceman, a lesson taught by Elna Carrasco-Gottlieb. Otzi is a 5,000-year-old man and the lesson teaches about DNA, human inheritance, understanding genetic ancestry and what makes us human.

Otzi’s DNA determines his relationship and that of Neanderthals to modern humans.  Through analysis of Otzi’s stomach and intestines, many pollen types were revealed and studied to help scientists learn exactly when Otzi died.

School district photo

Youth Bureau Writing Contest

Students in Huntington schools from grades 4 to 12 are invited to participate in a writing contest sponsored by the Huntington Youth Bureau.



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