Schools: Greenhouse Adds Weather Monitoring Station; Preschool Openings

South Huntington has half-day preschool seats available. afternoon sessions (12:30-3 pm.) seats are still available at Oakwood Primary Unchanged: South Huntington has half-day preschool seats available. afternoon sessions (12:30-3 pm.) seats are still available at Oakwood Primary Center and James Kaden Administrative Offices

The district’s free, half-day preschool program is available to residents with children who will be four on or before Dec.1. For seat availability at either Oakwood or James Kaden, email [email protected] or call 631-812-3181.

Podcast Success

Northport High School student Amanda Penny is running a podcast known as  “Amanda’s World,” which focuses on topics of interest to her, ranging from her favorite television shows to her focus on a career in journalism.

Amanda said that after her first video received over 100 views, she realized there was an opportunity to grow an audience or even make money. To help build a following, she has been uploading content nearly every day since January and has had over 4,000 views.

Her guests have included producers, small business owners and journalists and have ranged from Morgan Evans, host of the Teen Wolf After Show to Barstool Sports content creator Alex Bennett.

When asked what she enjoys about the podcast, Amanda said “I love interviewing
people and talking. For example I interviewed this singer who I loved when I was young,
and to this day, I still talk to her. I made a lot of connections in L.A. and I have a really big
support system.”

Amanda runs the podcast almost entirely out of her home with support from school
staff, who have provided her with resources and guidance. “My school support system is
amazing. Everybody supports me 100 percent,” she said.

In the future, Amanda hopes to study journalism in college and eventually work for
a media company, such as MTV or Barstool Sports.

Greenhouse Addition

The greenhouse at Northport High School is hosting a WeatherLink Monitoring station. It can determine temperature, humidity, wind direction, speed, UV index and more, and will be used across a variety of classes.

Beyond the science department, athletic teams can use the station to prepare for games and practices.

The greenhouse will also be monitoring air quality using AirLink equipment.

The greenhouse is already used for multiple purposes, including growing native plants and inspiring artistic works.

Residents can access the real time data via a platform called Weather Underground. This platform not only allows residents to review the live weather information, but historical data as well. Real time weather updates are also synced via the district website.


Photos by the Northport-East Northport Union Free School District

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