Schools: Science Experiments, Business Competition

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center  is working with the elementary school students in the Cold Spring Harbor Central School District on chemical reaction science experiments.

CSHL educator Kelly Eames visited with sixth grade students in Kevin Craine’s class in Lloyd Harbor Elementary School showed how studens how to make apple juice and cheese.

Students conducted two experiments placing applesauce in cups, adding pectinase to one, pouring both into filters then collecting pulp while extracting juice. The results were measured and compared to see which produced the most apple juice.

Making cheese from warm buttermilk was the second project. Eames incorporated not only the scientific results of liquid separation but expanded upon the history students have been
studying on nomadic tribes. The experiment showed the chemical reaction of emporase, observing how enzymes cause the milk to curdle into clumps of curds or cheese, and the remaining liquid becomes whey.

A tree representing New York State and set out near the National Tree at the White House is decorated with ornaments designed by third-grade students at Maplewood Intermediate School.

.Emerging Leaders Competition

Students from several school districts in Huntington recently took part in the 20th annual Emerging Leaders Competition held at St. Joseph’s University.

The Huntington Township Chambe of Commerce hosted12 high schools with over two 265 students participating.
The  competition was developed to challenge students to think beyond the scope
of the classroom and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and
capabilities in a business environment.

Entrepreneurship A
1st Place: Manya Khatri & Ava Javaheri- Commack HS
2nd Place: Charlotte Hasher & Olivia Eusiano- Harborfields HS
3rd Place: Carolyn Lau & Lauren Lui- Herricks HS
Entrepreneurship B
1st Place: Heidi Borboris & Anam Riaz- Commack HS
2nd Place: Gurnoor Kaur & Amneet Kaur- Jericho HS
3rd Place: Nabeeha Ilyas- Harborfields HS
Graphic Design and Branding
1st Place: Cherry Lee and Chloe Yang- Jericho HS
2nd Place: Hunter Droskoski and Nahrahel Louis- Harborfields HS
3rd Place: Casey Dubofsky and Remi Webb- Jericho HS

1st Place: Jaelyn Chow and Bhavika Bhasin- Jericho HS
2nd Place: Ivie Mergille- Harborfields HS
3rd Place: Ryan Landsberg and Lucas Kane- Jericho HS
1st Place: Jocelyn Chiu and Connie Huang- Herricks HS
2nd Place: Aanya Bhatia and Rania Babu- Syosset HS
3rd Place: Brooke Lieber- Syosset HS

Sports Marketing
1st Place: Jake Bornstein and Ben Stern- HHH HS East
2nd Place: Nick Whalen and Max Schillen- Commack HS
3rd Place: Aaron Abbas & Josh Lesnick- Jericho HS

Not-For-Profit Fundraising
1st Place: Prisha Agarwal & Aralyn Geevarghese- Herricks HS
2nd Place: Victoria Wroblewski- Commack HS
3rd Place: Caleb Kao & Rithik Trehan- Jericho HS
1st Place: Dhruv Modi & Jared Weingarten- Jericho HS
2nd Place: Rebecca Noel & Brynn Amatulli- Commack HS
3rd Place: Chase Waldhauser & Savera Bhatia- Syosset HS
Entertainment Marketing
1st Place: Benjamin Karol & Alex Boyarski- Jericho HS
2nd Place: Flora Qui & Ranya Parekh- Jericho HS
3rd Place: Abigail Wu- Syosset HS
Public Relations & Digital Marketing
1st Place: Willa Lefkowitz & Nora Khan- Jericho HS
2nd Place: Natalkie Obedian & Sam Swerdloff- Syoseet HS

3rd Place: Tina Wang & Michael Jiao- Jericho HS
Retail Marketing
1st Place: Ethan Kupferman & Raquel Shayani- Jericho HS
2nd Place: Samantha DeNisco & Sienna McArdle- Northport HS
3rd Place: Elina Koo & Prabani Singh- Half Hollow Hills HS East
Human Resources
1st Place: Dhruv Modi & Jared Weingarten- Jericho HS
2nd Place: Rebecca Noel & Brynn Amatulli- Commack HS
3rd Place: Chase Waldhauser & Savera Bhatia- Syosset HS
Job Interview 9 & 10
1st Place: Jasmine Jiminez- Harborfields HS
2nd Place: Risha Bansal- Jericho HS
3rd Place: Rachel Lee- Jericho HS

Job Interview 11 & 12
1 st Place: Isabella Panzavecchia- Harborfields HS
2 nd Place: Anica Singhal- Jericho HS
3 rd Place: Drew Tannenbaum- Half Hollow Hills HS East
Job Interview Lifeskills
1st Place: Adam Vahling- Harborfields HS
2nd Place: Alison Levine- Commack HS
3rd Place: McKenzie Boyd- Gary D. Bixhorn- Eastern Suffolk Boces HS


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