Sentencing Scheduled for Ex-Owner of Thatched Cottage

While plans for the restaurant replacing the Thatched Cottage in Centerport are progressing, the future of its previous owner is moving a little more slowly.

Ralph Colamussi, who pleaded guilty to federal charges of paying immigrant workers substandard wages and threatening them, was originally scheduled for sentencing in December. However, his sentencing was postponed and was rescheduled last week for Sept. 27.

Colamussi and his former manager,  Roberto Villanueva, were indicted on six counts, including forced labor, fraud in foreign labor contracting, visa fraud and conspiracies to commit forced labor.

The Thatched Cottage sank into disrepair under Colamussis 26 years as owner, leading the Town of Huntington to condemn the property in 2014.

The new owners of the site, the Port Jefferson Station-based The Crest Group. are rebuilding and have renamed it Water’s Edge.

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