South Huntington to Offer Free Covid-19 Tests to Students, Staff

The South Huntington school district said Wednesday night that it will offer free rapid Covid-19 tests to students and staff starting Saturday.

Dr. David Bennardo, district superintendent, said that HouseMD will provide staff to conduct the voluntary tests on school grounds outside of class hours.

The tests could be conducted on as many as 6,000 to 7,000 people, Bennardo said.

“Testing an entire district is a considerably challenging  undertaking and our plan is to remain calm and flexible as we work to garner a districtwide data set, which will inform our decision making going forward,” Bennardo said. “Please note that this is an opportunity which came to us during recent conversations and while lead time is short, we truly believe the data will enable us to make wise choices.”

He said those who didn’t want the tests did not have to have them or notify the district about their decision to forego them. He also said the district would be flexible on scheduling.

“This is an incredibly valuable opportunity that could truly help us,” Bennado said.


School Schedules for Testing:



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