Special Town Board Meeting to Urge Land Transfer in Station

The Huntington Town Board will meet Thursday in a special session to urge the State Legilsature to facilitate the transfer of a piece of property in Huntington Station from the state to the town.

The 4.16-acre property,  which runs along the western side of New York Avenue from Church Street south, is currently owned by the state transportation department. (Suffolk County tax map 0400-147,00-01.00-03.000.)

The town board’s resolution under home rule powers, urge the Legislature to enact legislation authorizing and empowering the commissioner of the New York State Department of Transportation to transfer to the Town of Huntington fee title to the town by extending the deadline to transfer the property to Dec. 21.

The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. No public comment period or public hearing is scheduled, though the public is welcome to attend.


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