Split Votes on 2 County Propositions

Voters split on two Suffolk County propositions on Tuesday’s ballot, based on preliminary results.

  • Proposition one, which would extend the terms of Suffolk County legislators from two years to four.  Approval would not change the 12-year limit on terms. Based on incomplete returns, it was being rejected.
  • Proposition 2, which would allow Suffolk County to use funds that were set aside for sewer projects to instead reduce the county budget deficit. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and public employee unions have been advocating for the proposition. Bellone has warned that the budget deficit would lead to layoffs, and signs have popped up in recent days arguing for its passage. But environmentalists argue that the county had previously been ordered not to touch the funds, and say that sewer projects and taxes rely on the funds. Unofficial and incomplete returns show this proposition passing.


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