Sponsored: Gene Cook Fights to Protect Our Quality of Life

Dear Editor,

My name is Jim McGoldrick, a lifelong resident of Huntington Station, who’s been known to hold our elected leaders accountable as they were elected to protect Huntington and our quality of life.  Today, I want to thank Eugene Cook for doing just that. 

I met Eugene Cook in 2014, when a young girl was found tragically murdered on the street where I live. I was angry and had enough. I went to Town Hall that day and left messages for every elected official that we needed to fix this, now.  Councilman Cook didn’t call me, he came to my house that day, he may not have had the answers but he was willing to help.  Since that day, Eugene has listened to us and has worked hard alongside our community, willing to help anyone who asks; but most importantly, fighting for us, our children, our veterans, our seniors,  and our business owners.  I am proud that Eugene Cook has sponsored a free soccer program with the Suffolk County PAL and the Suffolk County Second Precinct to help build the relationship with our kids and our police. 

I know I am voting for Eugene Cook and I asking you to vote for him too if you want someone who will not only listen to you, but stand with our community and fight to protect our quality of life. Remember, you can vote starting October 26th thru November 3rd at the Dix Hills Fire Department and on November 5th at your designated polling place, make the time as this is our Town and we need elected officials who work for us.

Thank you.

Jim McGoldrick


This is a paid political post.

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