Spoonfuls Inc. Is Nothing to Be Trifled With

Daniela Alvarez is on a mission to spread whimsy and delicious treats to all. She’s the founder of Spoonfuls Inc, a company which makes nostalgia-inspired dessert jars. Her decadent treats are modeled after a dessert that went out of fashion all too soon: the trifle.

The idea for Spoonfuls Inc sparked in January, after Alvarez wanted to make something sweet for a birthday party. She ended up making trifle. “I’ve always loved trifle,” she said. “It used to be so popular, but things become trendy, and then they don’t.” She wanted to bring trifle back to light, but instead of serving the classic dessert in a big bowl like it typically is, she made single-servings in glass jars. The party-goers were unanimous: the jars were an utterly delicious hit.

The success at the party got Alvarez thinking of ways to continue. Though that first batch used store-bought pudding, she was inspired to search for homemade recipes. She found her pudding tasted incredible, and didn’t have all the extra ingredients and preservatives found in store-bought. She took to testing and tweaking, until landing on five flavors she wanted to share with the rest of the world.

“I took influences from my favorite treats growing up,” Alvarez said. “Key lime pie, peanut butter cookie dough, and birthday cake—I just love anything with rainbow sprinkles.” There’s also the “Drunk Monkey” jar, which is Alvarez’s banana and rum twist on classic banana pudding, and the “Day Break Jar,” which uses milk from cornflakes to make this jar’s pudding. “I like the idea of transporting people,” Alvarez said about her unique flavors. “You have a bite of the Day Break Jar, and it’s like sitting in front of cartoons and eating your cereal.”

Alvarez went to SUNY Potsdam, where she got a degree in Fine Arts. She’s grateful to be able to bring her passion for art to the table alongside her passion for dessert. “It’s really cool because I just feel [Spoonfuls] is authentically this fusion of the stuff I love,” she said. She hand-marbles her homemade whipped cream—a process that reminds her of the impasto work she did with oil painting in school. She also hand-painted all of the labels on her jars. “Each jar’s label is a different scene that ties into the flavor and the story,” Alvarez said.

In fact, if you look closely, you’ll be able to spot Co-Founder and Chief Executive Wild Child, Spoon. “She’s featured in all the labels,” Alvarez said. “She plays a vital role in the company. She’s always whispering for you to do the right thing, do what you love, and be a little wild.”

When Alvarez’s company started to become a reality, she found a sense of community in some similarly food-business-oriented peers. “Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely road, especially when you’re starting off and it’s just you and you’re sitting in a café or your room. It’s so crucial, to support other people doing the same thing as you,” she said. Alvarez met people through food business classes and networking, and their support has been essential. “We have a big group chat where we stay in touch,” she said. “They’ve really helped me out.”

Alvarez said she’s been very proud to see Spoonfuls Inc officially launch. “It’s so many months of preparation and numbers and logistics and gearing up,” she said. “To sell your first jar, and hand out a business card, and launch the site—it finally comes together and it’s this tangible thing. To see that is the best part.”

Jars of Spoonfuls Inc treats are available at Northport’s Saturday farmer’s market. Spoonfuls also offers catering options for weddings, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, corporate events, or just your “regular shmegular Monday.” Alvarez has her eyes on exp

ansion, with hopes to get into local stores and do more events throughout Long Island and in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

You can see more of Spoonfuls Inc’s dessert cart at the Northport farmer’s market, and Spoonfuls Inc’s website, Instagram, and Facebook page for updates on more locations and upcoming seasonal flavors.


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