St. Anthony’s Freshman Scores Big at Legend Car Winter Nationals

Dean Lambros may only be 14, but he knows his way around a car – specifically a racecar.

The St. Anthony’s High School freshman competed in the INEX Winter Nationals at Citrus County Speedway in Florida before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, resulting in him coming in 2nd place at the winter championship.

Residents of Northport, the Lambros family have been involved with racing since their sons were young. Dean and his older brother William began racing at just five years old at Nassau Coliseum, progressing to kart racing up and down the coast. From karts, then Legend cars, they moved fast and small Spec Miatas. This summer, the brothers will be racing the Skip Barber Formula 4 Car Series.  

And despite being brothers, there is a level of competition, as the boys have to often race against each other. “We’re teammates,” Dean said. “And I love racing with him.”But their father, Geordie, said that although they work together to win, the adrenaline kicks in during the last lap. “They’re teammates first,” he said. “They work together to win, but it’s a built-in instinct to keep during the last lap that they don’t become brothers anymore.”

The constant traveling is a great bonding experience for the family. “It’s been really great because all three of us have gone around the country together,” Geordie said. “Racing keeps you close and it’s great father and son time.”

The Winter Nationals in Inverness took place on Feb. 10-14. For a week, Dean raced against people from all over the country. Monday-Friday, he participated in five different races.

Last year he was the championship winner of the Young Lions Division, and after moving up to the semi-pros, his focus was to come in 1st again. “I was nervous as every racecar driver should be,” he said.

Dean was the youngest in the class of semi-pros, whose ages typically range from 14-17. But as a Skip Barber Racing School graduate, he was ahead of the curve placing in 1st for one race, 3rd place twice, 5th and 7th. 

He missed winning 1st place in this years championship by just three points, putting him in 2nd during the winter nationals.

And as for future plans? The freshman said that becoming a kicker and punter for the NFL looks like a promising career if racing doesn’t work out.

 Lambros family photo


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