St. Anthony’s Triplets Give Second Life to Campus Signs

Triplets Andrew, Daniel and Stephanie Mullan are giving back to St. Anthony’s High School in a major way.

They are spending their summer not detaching from school like most students but restoring signs from the school’s campus. In driving to and from school everyday they noticed the wear and tear on the St. Anthony’s High School sign and the Franciscan Brothers signs

“Sometimes we would comment to each other, other days we would just notice, but it was something that was certainly hard to miss,” Andrew said. Having often discussed it over the dinner table, they agreed to do something about it. The extra time they had after school and while quarantined proved to be the best time to undergo the project. After speaking with the principal, Brother David and the assistant principal of student activities, Brother Joshua, they began work.“

The Mullan family surprised us with this wonderful opportunity to enhance out school sign. I am ever so grateful for their time, effort and energy. They are a family that lives out the mission of St. Anthony’s High School each and every day. I am blessed to have them in our school,” said Brother David.

As many projects do, it took longer and was more work than they originally anticipated. The signs have been on campus for over thirty-five years and hadn’t been refurbished since. They have spent over fifteen hours on the refurbishments and all expect a few more as they finish up. Daniel and Andrew focused on the sanding, painting and bleaching, while Stephanie utilized her artistic background to focus on the finer details. Their dad, who has some carpentry experience was able to offer a helping hand and guidance when needed.

As soon to be seniors, their reality of leaving St. Anthony’s for college is understood. The Mullans have left their mark on the school in a beautiful way. They were happy at the chance to give back to a community they feel, has given them so much. “By refurbishing the sign, we hope that we have left a permanent, lasting legacy on the St. Anthony’s campus for many more years to come,” they said.




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