State Says PSEG-LI Faces Penalties for Tropical Storm Failures

PSEG-LI and other utilities are facing penalties for failures related to Tropical Storm Isaias, found in a state commission study, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Thursday.

The New York State Public Service Commission found failures to prepare for the storm and then adequately respond once it swept across Long Island on Aug.4.

Also facing potentially millions of dollars in penatlies are Con Edison, O&R and Central Hudson.

The Department recommended enyforcement actions to the LIPA Board of Trustees earlier this week. LIPA found fault with many PSEG actions in a report this week, Newsday reported.

Tropical Storm Isaias brought strong winds and heavy rain that particularly impacted the Mid-Hudson, New York City, and Long Island regions. The storm caused extensive damage to electric distribution infrastructure that, in turn, led to lengthy outages for a substantial number of residents.. Peak outages affected approximately 900,000 customers. The next day, Cuomo directed the Department of Public Service to perform an expedited investigation into utility performance. 

In particular, the state agency found that PSEG LI apparently failed to follow requirements relating to damage assessment responsibilities; responsibility to maintain a functional Outage Management System; responsibility to publish accurate estimated time of restoration notices; and responsibility for timely and effective communication and coordination with its customers, local municipal governments, and state agencies.


Clean-Up Underway as Officials Denounce PSEG’s Response to Storm

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