State to Send All Voters Absentee Ballot Applications for June Primary

All New York State  voters will be mailed absentee ballot applications for use in the presidential primary on June 23,  Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says.

Voters will be able to cast ballots by mail and avoid going out to the polls.

Unlike some states, New York ordinarily has strict limits on who and why a voter can use an absentee ballot. The governor’s directive overrides those previous limits.

“I’m asking the Board of Elections to send every New York voter…a postage paid application for a ballot,” Cuomo said. “So you don’t have to come out and get on line.”

The Suffolk Board of Elections has a list of candidates for the primary and the 12th Assembly District between Democrat Michael Marcantonio and Republican Keith Brown. They are competing to replace Andrew Raia, who became town clerk in January.

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