Stimson Officially Opens Life Skills Classroom

Educators and students cut the ribbon Friday on a classroom at Stimson Middle School where participating students get a mix of education in academic and the basic skills needed in daily life.

The classroom is equipped with a dining area, laundry space, full working kitchen, living room, and classroom; it is designed to look like a basic apartment with space for learning.

Led by teachers Jaime Kurnicki and Justin Gravina, the students learn such subjects as math, English, and social studies while also learning how to converse with others, do laundry, count money and other practical skills.

The students, who have a variety of challenges such as cognitive impairments, autism or physical conditions, remain in the vocational program for three years before moving on to high school.

Kurnicki, “In the past two months, our students have demonstrated how amazing they truly are, and how necessary the program is for boosting their confidence, dignity, and pride.”

The South Huntington district said that construction on the new space, which replaced a forum, began in the fall of 2021 and the classroom opened for students in September.


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