Suffolk Police Probing 2 Financial Scams After Seizing Funds

Suffolk County Police are investigating two scams during which cash was intercepted by police after it had been shipped from out-of-state addresses.

Police gave this account:

In the first case, a 77-year-old woman from Bixby, Okla., was contacted Tuesday by a man claiming her grandson was arrested for running a red light in Kansas City, Kansas. The woman was directed to mail $4,000 cash to a Huntington Station address to pay his bail.

In a separate case, a 66-year-old man from Maryland received an email saying his computer had been infected with a virus and that tech support had accessed his computer and mistakenly refunded the man $16,750, which needed to be paid back. On Tuesday, the victim sent the money through a shipping service to an address in Mastic Beach.

In both cases, Financial Crimes Unit detectives were notified of the scam and the money was intercepted before it was delivered to the intended destination.

Detectives are asking anyone who believes they may be a victim of a scam or anyone who has information about a scam to call theĀ Financial Crimes Unit at 631-852-6821.

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