Suffolk Supervisors Ask to Waive Late Fees on Property Taxes

 The Suffolk County Supervisors Association asked Tuesday that the county waive property tax payment late fees and interest for residents who can prove financial hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic, as Nassau County is doing.

Huntington Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci stated: “This is the third official request we have made to the county over the past two moths and we are hopeful that in light of Nassau County’s bipartisan decision last night to waive late fees for their affected residents, Suffolk’s leaders will recognize our people share the same hardships and do the same.”

Residents have inquired with the Town about a possible extension to the property tax payment deadline. Towns cannot make this decision without intervention by New York State and Suffolk County.  And a rally is scheduled for Friday in Huntington with the motto, “No revenue, no taxes due.”

On March 26, the supervisors requested, along with the Suffolk County Supervisors Association, an extension of the tax payment deadline from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and County Executive Steve Bellone.

On April 10, Supervisor Lupinacci sent a second letter to County Executive Steve Bellone with his Town of Huntington colleagues following up on the initial request.

Huntington said the only response it has received thus far has been to direct residents to call the county hotline at 311.

The tax deadline is May 31.



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