Super Bowl Sunday: Special Menus, Acts of Service

Huntington restaurants and bars and other organizations are offering deals or special events Sunday to mark Super Bowl XIV.

It is possible to spend the entire day leading up to the game. eating and enjoying football themed events.

The day kicks off at 9 a.m. with a pancake breakfast at the Halesite Fire Department, which concludes at noon, and, besides food, offers raffles and prizes. 

The Rust and Gold, Finley’s of Green Street, the Off Broadway Sports Pub Del Vino Vineyards, and others are among the many with special menus or an opportunity to watch the game between the San Francisco X and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Several churches are inviting members to come to service Sunday wearing the colors of their favorite team, or contribute to food drives. The South Huntington Jewish Center’s members plan to make 1,200 lunches for people in need as part of “Souper Bowl Sunday.”

A map produced by shows that the Kansas City Chiefs have the support of fans in more states than the 49s have; support for San Francisco is clustered mostly on the coasts.

Sunday is a quirky day: Aside from the Super Bowl, it’s also Groundhog Day and the only eight-digit palindrome when written as 02/02/2020, meaning the numbers line up the same way whether the date is read backwards or forwards.



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