Taking Flight at Greenlawn Skate Park

Youngsters took advantage of recent good weather to test their skills at the Greenlawn Skate Park. 

The park is at the corner of Broadway and Cuba Hill Road, Greenlawn.

The town Skate Park features such challenges as grind boxes, wedges, rails, spines, ramps, sub boxes, quarter pipes, and half pipes ranging up to eight feet in height.

All skaters must wear an ANSI or SNELL-approved helmet, (Kneepads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are optional) shoes and a shirt.


Schedule (Subject to change)

 (Jun 25 -Sep 2, 2018)   (Weather Permitting)
 Closed July 4th, Sept 3rd
 Hours & Equipment Skateboards,Scooters, Rollerblades  BMX Bikes
 Weekdays (Mon – Fri) 12 noon – 4 pm  4:05 pm – Dusk
 Saturday & Sunday  12 noon  – 4 pm   4:05 pm – Dusk
(Sep 4-Nov 3, 2018)   (Weather Permitting)
 Closed  September 2nd, October 8th
 Hours & Equipment  Skateboards Scooters  Rollerblades  BMX Bikes
 Weekdays (Mon – Fri) 3 pm to 5 pm  5:00 pm – Dusk
 Saturday & Sunday  12 noon  – 3 pm   3:00 pm – Dusk
(Nov 4-Nov 9, 2018)   (Weather Permitting)
 Hours & Equipment  Skateboards Scooters  Rollerblades  BMX Bikes
 Weekdays (Mon – Fri) 3 pm – 4 pm  4:05 pm – Dusk
 Saturday & Sunday  12 noon  – 2 pm   2:05 pm – Dusk
Park closes Nov.10  and re-opens April 8, 2019

Fees & Recreation ID Card: All Skate Park Users must have a Town of Huntington Recreation Photo ID Card to use the facility.


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