Teachers Use DonorsChoose for Classroom Support

Teachers around Huntington are looking for funding for special projects by turning to DonorsChoose.org.

Here are some of the projects.

Diversity through Literature & Testing Organization 

Ms. Maggio
Maplewood Intermediate School
Project Description:  “My students need these privacy shields and dry erase boards. These are perfect for our students as they will be able to keep distractions out and dial their attention in to this book set. I teach in a 5th grade integrated classroom, educating students of diverse backgrounds and varied special abilities. Working alongside my co-teacher, we aim to facilitate our students’ individual needs by helping to engage them socially, emotionally and academically. My co-teacher and I look to create an updated, 21st century integrated classroom. Our students are thirsty for engaging instruction. Both myself, my co-teacher and our students greatly appreciate your help! Every donation helps us reach our goal.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates donated to this project in August, writing, “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is pleased to join you in supporting teachers and school communities. Together, we can make this Back to School season the best one yet.”
Expiration Date: Oct. 3  Still Needed: $271

Ditching the Desks
Mrs. Vilar
Birchwood Intermediate School
Project description: “My students need flexible seating options that will empower them to have choice and control over their learning environment. Our community of learners is very diverse. General education students, students that receive Special Education services, and students that are learning English as a New Language, grow together in an inclusive environment. My students bring various experiences, strengths and challenges to school each day.”
Expiration Date: Dec.26  Still Needed: $272

Speech Therapy Organization
Mrs. Murphy

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School
Grades 3-5

Project Description: I’m a speech/language pathologist working with students from 4th through 6th grades who present a variety of speech/language disorders and delays.
Many of the delays include language deficits which impede a student’s ability to follow directives and to comprehend spoken and written language.
When asked to follow a direction, students need to have a good understanding of basic concepts in order to work on tasks, for example, “first, next, last”, “before/after”.
My students have difficulty learning and using subject vocabulary and benefit from the use of visuals, auditory, kinesthetic opportunities to facilitate comprehension.”
Expiration Date: Dec. 9 Still Needed: $104

Let’s Make Reading Feel Like Home
Mrs. Barbato
Countrywood Primary Center

Project Description: “My students come to the Reading Room with joy and excitement; they love feeling successful and they know when in reading they are able to read on their own. My students love to be able to take their books to our “reading corner” where they can sit comfortably and practice. However, our corner is missing the appropriate furniture to make it complete. Differentiated seating options will provide students with the opportunity to choose the seat that best suits their needs as a reader. Many of my students don’t have a wide variety of seating at their homes; giving them this chance will allow them to learn all while having that at home feeling. Balance balls will encourage students to focus and practice healthy posture, while teaching balance and how to keep calm. The constant ball movements will also keep their bodies active and minds engaged, leading to better concentration on the task at hand. Comfy floor seats give students the chance to sit on the floor without having to sit on the hard tile; they will be able to sit up appropriately thus giving them the chance to pay closer attention.”
Expiration Date: Nov.23 Still Needed: $350

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