Temple Grandin Keynote Speech to Be Livestreamed

NOTE: livestream link updated

Dr. Temple Grandin, a leading advocate for those living with autism, will keynote an information fair on special education issues  Thursday at Walt Whitman High School.

Her speech will be livestreamed, Susan Schiavone, parent liaison for at risk students in South Huntington, said. The stream will be live at 7:15 p.m.

She credited William Patterson of the Northport-East Northport Special Education Parent Teacher Association, for arranging the livestream.

The South Huntington school district, its Special Education PTA and Student Services, and working with the school districts in Elwood, Harborfields, Huntington and Northport-East Northport, will provide experts to help parents understand the special-education process. Workshop speakers and vendors will assist.

Grandin, 70, subject of the  award-winning 2010 film Temple Grandin, is known for having been named a member of 2010 Time Magazine’s “100 Most influential People in the World” because of her accounts of dealing with her own autism while succeeding by becoming a  professor of animal science at Colorado State University, and a consultant to the livestock industry.

She will present insights on living with autism and how to help individuals with autism reach their full potential.

The fair has a full schedule of workshops on such topics as:

  • Walking theTightrope Balancing your child’s need for help and their need for independence. Presenter: Dr.Valerie Gaus Room Number: 205
  • Strategies to Address Challenging Behaviors at Home and in School Participants will learn strategies to determine why behaviors occur, how to prevent them and how to help children monitor their own behavior. Presenter: Dr. Kathleen Feeley; LIU Post Room Number: 202
  • What About Me? Siblings Are Important, Too Meeting the unique needs of siblings of children with special needs. Presenter: Amy McCoy Room Number: 217
  • Preventing Parent Burnout for Parents of Children with Special Needs Join us and discover positive ways to cope with and successfully manage stress, as you strive to effectively parent your child with special needs. Presenter: Valerie Colavecchio & Alissa Morris Parent to Parent Room Number: 209
  • Fathers’ Forum This facilitated dialogue offers Fathers the opportunity to discuss their role in raising a child with special needs. Presenter: Moderator: Dr. Louis Corrado Room Number: 206
  • Improving Social Interaction in Children with Autism and ADHD Parents will explore techniques to enhance their child’s ability to interact socially and learn how the Social Competence and Treatment Lab at Stony Brook University can help. Presenter: Dr. Matthew Lerner; Stony Brook Social Competence and Treatment Lab Room Number: 204
  • Overview of OPWDD Services and Eligibility This workshop will provide an overview of services provided through the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities for individuals of all ages. Eligibility,services, programs, funding will be explained. Presenter: Summer Boyd Ortiz Room Number: 212
  • Self Determination and Self-Directed Services Learn about Person Centered Planning and how young adults with disabilities can live a self-determined life through supports from OPWDD’s SelfDirected Services model. Presenter: Barbara McNamara SMILE LI Room Number: 215
  • College Supports and Services How to access supports and services at the college level for students with special learning needs. Presenter: Rafat Sada and Stacy Defelice; SUNY OldWestbury Room Number: 210
  • Spanish Workshop: Understanding the Special Education Process Entendiendo el Proceso de Educación Especial: Este taller será presentado en español y aumentara la comprensión de los elementos, pasos, procedimientos y servicios, de Educación Presenter: Yesica Panora; LI Parent Center Room Number: 207
  • Spanish Workshop: Overview of OPWDD Services and Eligibility Este taller es una introducción a la Oficina del Estado de NuevaYork Oficina de las Personas con Desarrollo de Incapacidad. Este servicion le explicara a los servicios a su hijo/hija cuando terminen la escuela secundaria. Esto le dará información sobre elegibilidad, aplicación,servicios y fondos. Presenter: NathalieYork – MSC Julissa Oblitas- MSC; Hispanic Counseling Center Room Number: 208

Workshops will be followed by Grandin’s keynote speech and book signing.

The fair is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. at Walt Whitman High School and end at 9 .m.

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