Then and Now: Amrom Svay, Walt Whitman High School takes a look at what some graduates of local high schools  are doing these days. 

Name: Amrom Svay

High School: Walt Whitman HS

Year Graduated: 2011

About high school: High school was great. You always think you know yourself but the unknown future will always change everything. I loved music. It helped me have an identity in the strange social environment that is high school. You do a lot of internal searching during this time and I was no different.

Immediate post-high school: I went to SUNY Purchase for Jazz Performance. Wow, what a great time. A huge rush of everything. Perspective changes, emotional changes, maturity changes. It was great to be with other fantastic musicians and it was great to shape my life without my parents’ vigil. It really put a lot of responsibility on myself which I took wholeheartedly. Though it was tough too in its own right. In the summers I’d work at USDAN and I would private teach lessons on the weekends throughout the whole year.

What you’re doing now:  I’m a professional musician! I’m the co-jazz director at USDAN, I work with Sal Valentinetti (Frank Sinatra type singer who won Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent), I’m a private teacher for sax, flute, clarinet, and jazz studies on Long Island. I play jazz every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Fat Cat in the West Village, and I freelance doing Off-Broadway work and a myriad of miscellaneous music performances. I split my time between Huntington Station and the Bronx.

It’s the greatest! I’m living my fullest life now. I learn to enjoy everyday and the non-monotony of it all. I do this while earning my keep in society and always enjoying life full of friends that I live with in the city.

Where’s your family these days: My parents still live in Huntington Station.


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