Tigra Live Animations, Little Hippo Books Create AR Kids’ Books

Melville-based Tigra Live Animations is partnering with Publisher Little Hippo Books to create a new line of augmented reality books for children.

The AR books were developed by the Melville company and are completely different than a traditional book, working with this new technology that has been the subject of many new media forms.

When a reader scans the pages of the book, the characters featured in the book seem to magically appear within the environment of the physical world in a three-dimensional form.

“We see the marriage of children’s books and AR as an opportunity to join together two worlds, the education from reading and the excitement from the digital world.,” CEO of Little Hippo Books, Albert Haug said. “Together, it opens a new market in the publishing world.”

These new reality books feature early learning titles such as the alphabet and counting and will feature 24-page padded board books along with the eye-popping augmented reality through the Hippo Magic app.

The new edutainment books will be revealed at the 2019 Book Expo America at the Jacob Javits Center May 29 through June 2.

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